#3 One Fear A Day – Forgiveness And Fear

Forgiveness And Fear

I was talking to an acquaintance recently, and she recanted a story to me.  Her father had died in a retirement home a while back, and she felt very strongly that the caretakers were to blame.  As I heard the story, I understood that yes, there was the possibility the caretakers held some responsibility, though I had some reservations about a truth hidden somewhere between the cracks.

I listened, and when she finished her story, I thought for a moment and asked, “Can you forgive them?”

She gave me a frigid, stern look and emphatically replied, “I will never forgive them for what they’ve done.”

I was saddened to hear her reply.  Unbeknowst to her, she had actually told me this story before.  And her father had passed away over 10 years ago.

Non-forgiveness is your choice to remain in pain.  As Marianne Williamson wrote, when you don’t forgive someone, you’re hanging a knife over someone else’s head, yet the knife falls on you.   

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Sunscreen Song Japanese

The Sunscreen Song (Japanese Version)

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Yosemite Grove

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Salt Flats Eating

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Milton Office Space Baby

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Tree reflection near rideau locks.

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Inle Market Noodles With My Doraemon Chopsticks!

The World’s Most Delicious NON-Deep Fried Foods

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