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Dean Potter – A Memorial, And Living Life Awesomely

Extreme athlete Dean Potter recently passed away on a BASE jump alongside fellow wingsuiter Graham Hunt.  As an avid climber, I’ve followed him pretty extensively as he’s prominently featured in several climbing videos dating way back to the late 90’s.  His awesome moonwalk video was only released a few weeks ago, and he topped that with a record Half Dome ascent/descent even more recently.  I viewed Dean Potter mostly as a climber, and didn’t know he engaged in the sweat-inducing, proximity-style wingsuiting that Jeb Corliss is more known for.

Obviously, I’m a bit bummed about his death.  To me, he was a [Read More…]


#5 One Fear A Day – Having No Travel Plans

I used to travel like this. I'd get 3 weeks off from work to take my annual vacation, then I'd pad the vacation with unpaid days off, accumulated unpaid overtime, or long weekends.  I'd pore through a recommended guidebook, then scribble out an agenda. So, for … [Read More...]

Forgiveness And Fear

#3 One Fear A Day – Forgiveness And Fear

I was talking to an acquaintance recently, and she recanted a story to me.  Her father had died in a retirement home a while back, and she felt very strongly that the caretakers were to blame.  As I heard the story, I understood that yes, there was the … [Read More...]

Cape Breton Walkaway

#1 One Fear A Day – Fear Of The Unknown

Today, I'm going to start a sub-series on my website entitled "One Fear A Day".  Over the course of the past few years, I've written a number of heartfelt posts on risingbean, and I am deeply, deeply grateful for all you who have followed me, offered feedback, … [Read More...]