#5 One Fear A Day – Having No Travel Plans


I used to travel like this. I’d get 3 weeks off from work to take my annual vacation, then I’d pad the vacation with unpaid days off, accumulated unpaid overtime, or long weekends.  I’d pore through a recommended guidebook, then scribble out an agenda. So, for example, going to Turkey:

Day 1 – Land in Istanbul
Day 2 – Istanbul: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, cistern
Day 3 – Istanbul: Grand Bazaar, Taksim, dancing
Day 4 – Bus to Izmir/Walk around Izmir, Head to Bodrum
Day 5 – Bodrum
Day 6 – Bus To Fethiye
Day 7 – Blue Voyage Cruise
Day 8 – Blue Voyage Cruise
Day 9 – Hang out in Olympus
Day 10 – Bus to Cappadocia

Day 25 – Return to Istanbul/Fly Out

I would try to stick to the agenda, but in practice,  I often veered from the original plan. Maybe I wanted to surf a little longer. Maybe I met someone special. Maybe I found a city to be too polluted. Maybe I didn’t like my plan.

Over time, I found the itinerary to be too strict, too limiting, whilst interfering with my overall enjoyment. It made me leave a tranquil beach [Read More…]

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