Why I Stopped Reading The News – A Year In Review

U Turn Canyon - Arches
99.99% of what happens is not on the news.

I didn’t know Joan Rivers died. I didn’tknow the Oscar Pistorius trial came and went. I shamefully didn’t know there were a number of terror attacks on foreigners in Syria either. But should I be ashamed for not knowing any of this?

As some of you are aware, I don’t read the news often, if at all. I wrote about it a while back here. I don’t hate the news – it’s definitely captivating – but also overwhelmingly negative.

To create this New Year’s post, while wondering how skewed the news could be, I scanned through an article issued by the Canadian Press which summarized last year’s top news stories chronologically. The headline reads: Terror attacks, Mountie killings, Ghomeshi scandal among top news events in 2014.

Next, I read through all the headlines and categorized everything into POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, and NEGATIVE stories, as well [Read More…]

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