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Prints For Nepal – 100% Donation To Red Cross


Nepal holds a special place in my heart.   Several years ago, I had a life-changing journey there.  It was one of those countries that really feels like somewhere else once you stepped off the plane – hectic, ancient, minimally westernized – all the same time, accompanied with amazing people.  For sure, Nepal is one country I plan on re-visiting several times before I die – the jaw-dropping awesomeness of the Himalayas, the beauty of the ancient Bhaktapur square, the calmness as I strolled around Buddhist stupas flocked with monks, the wildness of the jungles, and again – the incredible people.

Even though I visited during a time of civil unrest, I never once felt in danger there, and it seemed like everyone was honest and sincere in their endeavours, and that they genuinely wanted [Read More…]


#5 One Fear A Day – Having No Travel Plans

I used to travel like this. I'd get 3 weeks off from work to take my annual vacation, then I'd pad the vacation with unpaid days off, accumulated unpaid overtime, or long weekends.  I'd pore through a recommended guidebook, then scribble out an agenda. So, for … [Read More...]

Forgiveness And Fear

#3 One Fear A Day – Forgiveness And Fear

I was talking to an acquaintance recently, and she recanted a story to me.  Her father had died in a retirement home a while back, and she felt very strongly that the caretakers were to blame.  As I heard the story, I understood that yes, there was the … [Read More...]

Cape Breton Walkaway

#1 One Fear A Day – Fear Of The Unknown

Today, I'm going to start a sub-series on my website entitled "One Fear A Day".  Over the course of the past few years, I've written a number of heartfelt posts on risingbean, and I am deeply, deeply grateful for all you who have followed me, offered feedback, … [Read More...]

Sunscreen Song Japanese

The Sunscreen Song (Japanese Version)

  Dear Friends, After a lot of hard work, I'm pleased to release The Sunscreen Song in Japanese along with a new, inspirational video. I hope it inspires a nation. Please, please share the video if it inspires you!  It's got much, much more footage … [Read More...]